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Cassette Type Filter

Cassette Type Filter (1) Cassette Type Filter (2) Cassette Type Filter (3)

Where there are space constraints in the process and dust collected has to be re-used or dropped back into the process, cassette bag filters can be used. Typically, these units are devoid of any hopper. For example, in belt conveying applications, dust is generated when material falls from one conveyor on to the other. A cassette filter located on the dropping conveyor collects the dust. On pulsing, dust falls back onto this conveyor thus avoiding the need for a separate dust handling unit under the bag filter hopper.

It was built for continuous use in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications. The dust collector uses our long established fabric pocket cassette that is easily maintained through the front hinged doors. The cassette offers ample filter area and lasts longer than a cartridge.


  • Tough galvanized steel construction
  • High Efficiency
  • High in quality
  • Easy to Handle and Requires Less Maintenance

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